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Ambur Star Biryani Salem Highway

The Ambur Star Biryani Restaurant is on the Salem-Bangalore highway or the Srinagar-Kanyakumari highway as shown in the Google maps.  This restaurant specializes in Ambur style biryani and some delicious non-veg starters. The property is quite big and perfectly suitable for family and couple dining. If you are fan of Ambur style chicken or mutton biryani, you may stop here.

The Star Biryani Experience

We left Kumbakonam vaguely about 12.30 pm and never stopped for food during the lunch hour. The snacks that we bought in the shops on the highway gave us the needed energy until 4.30 pm when we saw the Star Biryani restaurant near Salem. We lost our interest in the junks and decided to eat the Ambur biryani.

It is difficult to spot a good restaurant in this part of the highway. Due to the road-dividers and barricades, one would hesitate to stop by. If you travel from Salem to Bangalore, you will find the Star Biryani restaurant towards the right and I had a feeling like “should I cross the road for a plate of biryani? Or should I find one on the left?”

Well, that was a driver’s dilemma and the passengers voted for Star Biryani. After paying the toll, I took a U-turn in a little distance, took the service road and then drove down towards the lonely restaurant.  Many a times I have ignored this restaurant just because I had to cross the road and today I am forcing myself there.

What I like the most about the highway restaurants is the ample parking space they provide though they do not own the space outside the building. The customer can park their vehicles on their will and there will be no dearth for space. The highway is public property, what say? In the cities like Bengaluru, sight of restaurant with parking facilities is very rare.

It was almost 5 pm and the staffs seemed to be relaxing while a couple had occupied a table in the hall. We made ourselves comfortable inside the family room and the waiter came in swiftly to take our orders.

Chicken Biryani and the starters

We did not spend much time on the menu and ordered for a portion of mutton biryani, biryani rice, pepper chicken and chicken kebab (or should I mention Kabaaab). The combination of starters and main course came together.

The biryani rice was prepared out of small grain and I assume it to be “Jeera Samba” rice that gave a beautiful aroma. The mutton pieces cooked to the perfection did not hurt the gums and the pepper chicken masala complemented it very well. I would not encourage oil-fried foods for health reason but eating them occasionally can be an exception. I am referring to the chicken kebab that was simply different and tasty.


We had a lovely food experience in Star Biryani restaurant in Salem and in less than an hour, we were heading to Bengaluru.

Ambur Star Biryani Salem
Ambur Star Biryani Salem

The Kumar Naidu Score

The Kumar Naidu score for the food we had at Star Biryani Salem will be 7/10. Anything more than 5 points is at positive side. I should mention here about our food experience in Park Plaza (now Radisson) in Salem few years ago. We had booked the rooms through a booking App and got a great deal for a room with complementary breakfast and dinner buffet. I would have given 9/10 if I had started then.


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