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Bangalore Refinery 10 grams (999.9) Yellow Gold Bar

The Bangalore Refinery is selling 10 grams (999.9) Yellow Gold Bar on Amazon at a discounted price of Rs. 34164/- with a savings of 10%. Customers who bought this Yellow Gold Bar through Amazon have given good star ratings (72% have given five stars out of 46 reviews).

However, the potential buyers who look at the last two reviews may not decide buying this Gold Bar due to the negative feedback. The negative feedbacks are quite common for almost all products selling online and it depends on individual perception and experiences.

24 Carat 10 gram gold
24 Carat 10 gram gold

Bangalore Refinery is not a new company but more than four decades old. They seem to have a good reputation in the market and can be trusted. However, it is up to the buyers to decide.

The Negatives

The very first feedback by an Amazon customer about this yellow gold bar was negative. The second feedback from another customer was shocking – the customer weighed the product and found it to be only 9.8 grams, 0.2 grams less than what printed on the Gold bar. This was the immediate list of feedback. However, more happy customers have given good feedback.

The Positives

One of the customers tested the 10 grams yellow gold bar with Tanishq and found it to be 24 carat. Many of them were happy for the timely delivery and instant discounts they got from respective banks.

I am going neutral with this product. It is up to you whether to buy online (Amazon) from the seller Bangalore Refinery. Note that this product is not eligible for returns and you may sell or exchange offline.

If you happen to buy this gold from this seller via Amazon, it is prudent that you check for its purity and weight in the nearest jewellery shop. Do comment below about your opinion and help others to decide.

Note: Always check prevailing market prices of Gold in your location before buying online.

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