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Whenever we travel from Bengaluru via Krishnagiri highway, we make it a point to have our food in Sri Saravana Bhavan restaurant. This restaurant dishes out authentic Tamil Nadu cuisine.

Tasty Pongal

Pongal Saravana Bhavan
Pongal at Sri Saravana Bhavan

Among the south Indian dishes like Idli, Dosa, Vada or even Poori or Parota, I like the Pongal most.  Sometimes I have had double servings of this fabulous food here. If you love Pongal, you should try it here.

The Sri Saravana Bhavan Restaurant Avathanapatti

If you are coming to this restaurant for the first time, there are chances that you may be confused after seeing the many clones of this restaurant. There are at least five identical restaurants on the highway with the same name, logo and even the banner design. However, the restaurant I am referring to have no other branches in this stretch.

Sri Saravana Bhavan Avathanapatti Krishnagiri
Sri Saravana Bhavan Avathanapatti Krishnagiri

I have embedded the google map in this post, just in case you want to know its exact location.

The Sri Saravana Bhavan restaurant opens by 6.30 am and is crowded during the peak hours, both during breakfast and lunch hours. During our previous visits, we have waited for the table. Not to worry, a little bit of wait, the staffs will help to arrange for the table.

Saravana Bhavan Dining 

Saravana Bhavan
Dining Hall

Food Cost

The food prices in this restaurant are on the higher side, little more than the prices in the regular restaurants. 


The restaurant is on the highway and there is ample space for parking. It does look full with lots of vehicles, especially during the lunch hours. The security will assist you to find one.


At the restaurant, you can also shop for savouries or even wooden toys. In the next building, there is a cloth shop with the decent collection of apparels direct from the factory. If you want to purchase MP3’s, there is a shop for that too. You get Tamil and devotional CDs there.

We were on a Navagraha Temple Tour when we visited this restaurant.

Location on Google Map

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