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Northern Route, St. Marks Road, Bangalore

Though I have been regular to the St Marks road, I never knew that there was this humble restaurant – The Northern Route, a small family friendly restaurant that serves north Indian vegetarian dishes.

If you take a walk on the pavements of St Marks Road, near the Gundappa Donne Biryani, you will come across the passage with chairs, tables and umbrellas. This passage is where the small Northern Route restaurant is and the tables with umbrellas is for their customers.

One of my colleagues who had eaten here earlier suggested this restaurant for our lunch. I was quite surprised to see this eatery hidden in this passage and people still knew about it.

It was pouring heavily

Northern Route St Marks
In front of Northern Route Restaurant – The rain halted everything

As we entered the restaurant, it started pouring so heavily the umbrellas outside became useless. The owner, who is always friendly to his customers, suggested us to be seated upstairs after getting the food tokens. The staff served the food to our table.

It was raining so heavily, we could hear it inside and felt so lucky that we escaped without getting drenched.

We were four of us and ordered for three chole bathure’s and a plate of rice with dal and phulka. We also ordered for sweet lassi. Our food came in fast and we pounced on it like hungry animals.

My Chole Bathure awesome

My plate consisted of two bathure’s and portion of tasty chole masala. There was also a finely chopped onions, a piece of lemon and one green chilli. The food was super cool and the lassi was just awesome. However, my colleague who ordered the rice meal did not comment anything. He enjoyed the lassi though.

Chole Bathure and Lassi
Chole Bathure and Lassi

We had to wait after our lunch for the rain to recede. The roads were flooded with water and the vehicles were moving slowly. The auto rickshaws did not stop on call and the aggregators like Ola and Uber did not show any vehicles around. We could not help but to wait for some time.

Samosa after 4 pm

One of my colleague quipped that we eat samosa and then go to the office. There was this notice “Samosa after 4 pm” and we though it is going to rain until then.

Meanwhile, we started the conversation with the restaurant owner. It was about his business, the menu and his regular customers and about how he updates daily menu in Google. Yes, you can find Northern Route menu on Google.

Vittal Mallya Road (Flooded with rainwater)

Flooded Vittal Mallya Road
Flooded Vittal Mallya Road

The rain receded in few minutes and we hurried to our office. Water flowed like a river on the roads and pavements. After being very cautious of not carrying the rain water in my shoes, my socks became fully wet as I reached my office. Am I thinking of “wet socks treatment” now?

Restaurants in St Marks Road

That is all about my story for the day. If you are looking for a restaurant in St Mark’s road, consider reading my experience in Pappu Chaiwala and of course, you can try Northern Route restaurant if you are looking for north Indian dish.

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