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Empire Hotel Kammanahalli – The Pout Episode

The Empire restaurant in Kammanahalli is not only a popular restaurant but also a prominent landmark. It is in fact a chain of restaurants with branches spread across several locations. The multi-cuisine restaurant serves both veg and non-veg foods and perfectly suitable for family dining.


I was in the office when Satya called me to inform that Lakshi wanted to eat biryani for the dinner and our conversation went like this.

Me: She never made such a request earlier.

Satya: Yes, but when we passed through the Frazer Town from school the biryani aroma struck her. Now she fixed her mind to biryani.

Me: Oh ok, let us go out for dinner today!

During the Ramadan celebrations, the Frazer town in Bengaluru goes abuzz with several stalls selling delicious foods and it is the perfect place for the foodies to be.

The Empire Restaurant Kammanahalli

Empire since 1966
Empire since 1966

It was more than a year that we last visited the Empire restaurant in Kammanahalli and so decided to have our dinner there. I reached home early and took Satya and Lakshi in my Royal Enfield Motorcycle to the restaurant.

I would not suggest anybody to go there in a car though there is a parking facility. The parking is full most of the time and to find one in the vicinity is a pain.

The Kammanahalli Empire seems to be crowded all days of the week or is it because of the festive season? It was 8 pm when we stepped inside the restaurant and luckily, our table at the ground floor was ready.

The ambience of the restaurant is decent and I liked the artworks on the wall. The florescent lights brightened up the hall in a way to enhance the mood of the guests.

The pout story

Towards our left, a family of six were enjoying their food and I saw two women giving their best pout for the selfie and a man with long beard and a short hair pushing one of his eyebrows up to a mile while posing.

Biryani Rice

Biryani Rice
Biryani Rice – Empire Restaurant

The waiter was readily waiting to take the orders. We ordered for chicken biryani, biryani rice and a chicken kebab. The biryani rice and the kebab arrived soon but they missed out the chicken biryani. I tried to remind the waiter but he became busy with the other guests.

An elderly African couple occupied the table towards our right and I could vaguely hear the woman order for chicken and rice. I was wondering what it could be until in a few minutes a full portion of grilled chicken and two portions of fried rice hit their table and this was exactly the portion we usually ordered for four.

I turned towards the African man who pulled up one of his eyebrows and was pouting. He was not taking a selfie but was staring at me! I somehow managed the situation by pretending that I was not seeing his food but was thinking something and thanks to the waiter who came in time to my rescue.

The waiter entirely forgot about our chicken biryani and even I lost interest in it (after eating the biryani rice). I requested him to cancel the order and replace it with the ghee rice for which he readily agreed. The ghee rice was slightly better than the white rice but went well with the gravies.

The Kumar Naidu Score and appreciation

Chicken Kebab (Kabab)
Chicken Kebab @ Empire

Of all the orders, I liked the dark red chicken kebab and my appreciation goes to it provided the colour did not come from a colouring agent. The overall Kumar Naidu score for the food we had will be 7/10.

Locating the Empire Restaurant in Kammanahalli

As I stated above, the Empire restaurant itself is a landmark in this locality. When you arrive at Kammanahalli, you can ask anybody or Google it.

Restaurants in Kammanahalli

There is no dearth for restaurants in Kammanahalli, especially in the main road. I will give you two restaurants name right now, the Moriz and Savoury that is very close by to the Empire. Consider following the “Kammanahalli Restaurants” tag for more food experiences in this neighborhood.

Do you have a restaurant to suggest? Please comment below and I may visit and share my experiences in this blog. 

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