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If you are wondering how to start street food business in Bangalore, trust me, it is one of the easiest business  anyone can venture into. The only criteria is you should be skilled in cooking or you should know somebody who cooks well and then you roll a food truck in Bangalore. And of course you should market it as, for example, the best food in Bangalore

The “Food on Wheels” business is catching up slowly in metros like Bengaluru. Anybody with a will can start the food cart business with an investment of few thousand rupees to few lakhs.  It entirely depends upon your financial capacity and the way you want to project your food on wheels. The funniest part is you do not require a hotel management degree.

Food Trucks in Bangalore

You will come across many food trucks in Bangalore, some sustain for many years and many of them vanish in few days. I mean to say there is no guarantee of survival as the food business in India or anywhere for that matter purely depends upon your skills and luck. There are so many of them in the city offering quality foods and at a comparatively low costs.

The Cheese Corn Dosa

Cheese Corn Dosa
Yummy Cheese Corn Dosa

Last week, I had yummy “cheese corn dosa” from a “food on wheel” setup at Kammanahalli main road in Bengaluru. It is an auto rickshaw converted into a food cart and is there right at the end of the road connecting to the ring road.

I saw three people running the show, catering to at least ten customers at a time. The guys run their food business only in the evenings while they prepare for their business in the day. I do not say theirs is the best food in Bangalore but I certainly liked the one I ate.

The customers range from rickshaw drivers to executives enjoying their share of pav bhaji and the cheese corn Dosas.  Even the homemakers fed up of their cooking come here to eat and I bet on this.

They are entrepreneurs for sure, maybe without a degree. They are running a successful food cart business in Bangalore and earn handsomely.

Food on wheels challenges

Here is the bomb, there are no businesses without challenges. Your  “food on wheels” business or any street food business for that matter comes with lots of challenges. “Street food business” means doing business on the public property attracting prying eyes for the bribe and also public outrage sometimes.

Think out of the box

Food on Wheels
Food on Wheels

Still planning to roll  out some food trucks in Bangalore. You can certainly do it, there is always a way, think out of the box.

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