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It was a Friday evening when most of the Bangaloreans drove out of the city to make good use of their weekends. Surprisingly, I did not come across vehicular traffic that could spoil my road trip and drain the last bit of my energy. The vehicles were moving smoothly and did not choke the traffic. 

The Election & IPL effect

I am still wondering how I could cross the Bengaluru city limits so fast and what was the reason? Is it because of the Karnataka Election 2018 and the IPL matches?

I guess many of them are busy following politics and cricket match and hooked to their favorite social media platforms. The digital media platforms has  become a powerful tool to follow news and vent out one’s anger and of course sparing their spouses at home.

Actors Tweet

Recently I was following a popular actor on Twitter who was tweeting against a certain political party at will and guess what, every Tom Dick and Harry were taking him for a task, on Twitter.

A memorable Mysore Trip

Our Mysore trip was a memorable one because of the smooth drive and our unforgettable experience in the Mysore Palace. Smooth drive because even after spending generous amount of our time in KFC near Maddur, we reached the city by 11 pm. And our Mysore Palace experience, that was one hell of an experience.

Saturday 19th May 2018

The Amba Vilas Palace (Mysore Palace)

It was about 11.30 am when we entered the Mysore Palace and by 1pm, we were out of the magnificent structure that left us thinking what happened to us inside.

Crowd inside Mysore Palace
Crowd inside Mysore Palace

Thanks to the weekend and more to the school holidays. The tourist crowd inside the palace was so immense that the only option left for us was to move further until we reached the exit gates. It was a horrible experience for us and I can write a 500 words post on it.

Lunch at Guru Residency

After our stint in the Mysore Palace, we drove to Guru Residency for our lunch. I had become so allergic to the crowd by now and after seeing the crowd in Guru Residency, I felt like backing out. To our luck, we got hold of a table within few minutes and ordered for our south Indian meal.  

Guru Residency Mysore Meal
A south Indian meal at Guru Residency, Mysore

Our meal arrived in twenty minutes and I started wondering what the crowd was eating here. I did not like the meal here. I liked the paneer Manchurian though.

Our tiredness made us to cancel and plan our visit to the church during our next trip to Mysore. In fact, I will be visiting Mysore every month and am committed to re-explore the beautiful city where I grew up. Follow me on Twitter if you wish to, I am updating my travel plans there.

The Corner House Ice Cream

Shabarish Naidu
Shabarish eating ice cream at Corner House, Kuvempunagar

The children were little upset as we cancelled our visit to St. Philomena’s Church. I had to compensate them with the ice cream in Corner House, Kuvempunagar. This branch is new and spacious.

The Bangarpet Panipuri

Bangarpet Panipuri
Bangarpet Panipuri near Kalidasa Road, Mysore

Eating seems to be one of the effective utilization of the weekends. In the evening, the children wanted to Bangarpet panipuri. Though there is one in Srirampura, we drove all the way to Kalidasa Road. The children like it there.

The early we leave, the happy we reach home – Kumar Naidu on Mysore Bangalore traffic

Driving back to Bangalore on a Sunday evening is a nightmarish experience any driver could face. The early we leave, the happy we reach home. For this reason, we did not plan for any sightseeing on Sunday and left Mysuru by 1 pm. Our eating adventure came to a halt only after our lunch in Domino’s Pizza near Maddur.

Artists for Wildlife Conservation Karnataka

Artists for wildlife conservation Maddur
Artist for wildlife conservation shop near Maddur.

While in Dominos, I came across this building “Artists for Wildlife Conservation Karnataka” that exhibited and sold various items ranging from apparels to photographs and paintings that costs Rs. 40k upwards. I saw a beautiful painting of a life size elephant. 20% of the proceeds from the sale of items here is donated to the wildlife (Mariamma Charitable Trust).

Shopping at Chennapatna

My new Swift car seats were giving me endless pain to my back and so I planned to buy the wooden seat covers. I bought a pair for 1200/- in one of the shops in Chennapatna after hard bargaining.  

That was all about our weekend trip to Mysore. Check out this blog for more weekend trips to this wonderful city of palaces.

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