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The Navagraha Temples are the nine temples dedicated to the nine astronomical bodies and mythical deities. In Sanskrit “Nava” means 9 and “Graha” means “Planet”. Eight out of nine temples are in Tamil Nadu and one in Thirunallar, Pondicherry. We travelled from Bengaluru to cover these temples and explored it in three days period.

The Nine Planets

  1. Surya (Sun)
  2. Chandra, (Moon)
  3. Mangala (Chevvai or Sevvai)
  4. Budha (Mercury)
  5. Guru (Jupitar)
  6. Shukra (Venus)
  7. Shani (Saturn)
  8. Rahu (north lunar nodes)
  9. Ketu (south lunar  nodes)

The above list is in the planetary order that I have taken it out from Wikipedia.

According to the Hindu customs, one who visits the Navagraha temples with great devotion will prosper with good health, wealth, education and all other good things in life.

It is possible to visit all the nine temples in one day. They are all in close proximity. However, it depends upon from where you are starting. If you start from Kumbakonam, you may be able to cover the Navagraha Temples in a day. You got to plan and start early in the morning.

Navagraha Temple Tour from Bengaluru

Navagraha Temples
Navagraha Temples Tour 2018 by Kumar Naidu

It is always better to leave home as early as possible if you are going on a road trip, especially from Bengaluru city. We started from Indiranagar at about 4.45 am and believe me; we crossed the electronic city flyover in 20 minutes. Imagine travelling this distance during the peak hours.

First day of the travel 

We could manage to cover only two temples, Thingalur Chandran Temple and Alangudi Guru Temple on the first day of our trip and stayed for the night in the Queens hotel in Velankanni. We had a great time in this hotel. The rooms were beautiful and the food was excellent.

Day 2

On the second day, we visited the Velankanni shrine early in the morning and managed to cover the next six Navagraha temples, Ketu, Budhan, Sevvai, Sukran and Suryanar temple. We had booked the room in Sara Regency Hotels & Resorts in Kumbakonam in the previous day when we had lunch here. We stayed the night in this hotel and averted a dangerous fire mishap in the following day.

Return to Bengaluru

Day three, we covered the last of Navagraha temples, the Rahu Temple and the Prathyangira temple that was very close by. We checked out from the hotel at 12 pm. We did not eat food during the lunch hour, as we were full with the snacks we brought on the way. At about 4.45 pm we could not tolerate our hunger and had to stop at the Five Star Biryani on the highway near Salem. That was an early dinner for us. We started from there at 5.25 pm and reached Indiranagar by 9.30 pm.

Transport and Gadgets

We drove the Maruti Swift Diesel, covered a total 1200 kms in three days. We stayed in two places, Velankanni and Kumbakonam. We covered a total of ten temples and one church. I carried Sony Alpha 5100 camera and Samsung Galaxy J7 Nxt.

Wikipedia reference – Kumbakonam and Velankannai


  • While travelling from Bengaluru via Krishnagiri highway, we stopped in our regular restaurant for our break fast. Here’s our breakfast experience in Sri Saravana Bhavan with Google maps embedded.
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