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OYO Flagship 061 Tirupati Railway Station

Let me be straightforward! The OYO Flagship 061 near Tirupati railway station is not good because the rooms are dirty and service is pathetic. The photographs in this post speak all.

You may want to book this room if you are getting it on higher discounts, which is actually its worth. If you get the clean room and decent service then you are lucky.

We were here at the Oyo Flagship 061, tired and frustrated because we missed the rooms at Srinivasam pilgrim complex. It was our fault and we made a bigger mistake by checking into Oyo room. The room price on the counter was higher than the offer price on Oyo App.

While we wanted to book the rooms over the counter, the staff did not offer any discounts. Instead, advised us to book the room via Oyo App if we wanted too. I thought it was wise to book the rooms via App and finally booked two rooms.

I felt cheated after checking into the room, as the rooms were unclean. There were dusts everywhere including the bedspreads. The bath towel was dirty and there was only one towel offered for a double bedroom. The AC did not work at the first instance. Though the technician rectified it, we could never trust the air coming out of it.

Dirty Switch Board

Strain on Switches

There were strains everywhere and touching anything in the room seemed to be unhygienic. The switchboards, water taps and the shower was disgusting to see. It looked like this room was reserved for online bookings only. I wonder if the rooms booked on the counter, with the higher prices, were clean and serviced well.

We were so tired that none of us had strength to search for another property to stay for the night. It was too late and we had to get up early morning for Kalyanotsavam in Tirumala.

The complimentary breakfast was not good either. We found foreign particles on the food and reported it to the staff. The dining hall was on the top floor, we had to take the service lift as the regular lifts went under repair. The service lift was not customer worthy.

Dirty & Rusted Shower

Dirty Shower
Dirty Shower

Rusted Fittings

Rusted Taps

Air Conditioner in the Oyo Room


Dirty Towel offered in Oyo Room

Dirty Towel
Dirty Towel

Dust on Telephone (would you use it?)

Dirt on Telephone

We checked out swearing never to return. Two rooms cost us Rs. 2331/- on the Oyo App after a discount of Rs. 999/-. This discount was not available over the counter. I suppose, little more than what we paid here would get us a better room.

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