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The ultimate Arabian Cuisine  

Our plan was to have a Pav Bhaji from the “99 Dosa Kart” at the end of Kammanahalli main road that connects to the ring road. The children like it here and believe me that this road-side cart is crowded during the evenings.

For some reason I did not like going there and gave an option to children for a dinner in Empire, Moriz or any of the Chinese restaurants.

The Savoury hotel in Kammanahalli main road struck in my mind but was not sure if it is open to the customers. We decided to go to this restaurant if it is open or else to any of the other restaurants in the main road.

The Kammanahalli main road is one of the busiest and happening roads in Bengaluru. However, one can still find a parking space for the car. Valet parking may be available in the hotel.

You know the cars occupy more space and should be used only in unavoidable situations. Five of us including two children went to the hotel in our two-wheelers.

The Savoury isn’t the only restaurant serving Arabian cuisine but a full-fledged hotel with a first class lodging and a party hall that can accommodate 300 or more guests. The rooms seem to be good, air-conditioned and reasonably priced for the location it is in.

Savoury is present in multi cities

Savoury Hotel Kammanahalli
Savoury Hotel Kammanahalli

Ours was the first visit to this property. The hotel is just a month old at the time of writing this post. The staff told me the hotel opened to the customers on April 2018. No wonder everything in this property looked new and shining.

A lady staff came in near the door and welcomed us. Another staff greeted us and directed us to the first floor stating that we were five of us. The ground floor had tables with four chairs. That was a good idea.

We took the stairs and as we approached the dining hall, we were awestruck with the ambiance. The hall was so big that can cater to a family of any size. The staffs were very humble, friendly and made us comfortable.

The ambiance

Dining in Savoury Hotel, Kammanahalli
Dining in Savoury Hotel, Kammanahalli

We went through the menu listing. However, we sought the waiter’s suggestion. He seemed to know what guests usually like in their restaurant. You know that not all Arabic dishes will go well with the Indians.

Of all the orders we placed, Sweet Corn Chicken Soup was the only item that did not belong an Arabic cuisine.

Pepper Barbeque Chicken has become my favorite here. I have tasted this earlier too in their Frazer Town branch. This one costs here Rs. 230/- for half the chicken. I assume the price is lesser when compared with Empire and Moriz.

Pepper Barbeque Chicken
Delicious pepper BBQ chicken

If you are a Chicken Shawarma fan, you will love it here. It is too good and filling. At Rs. 76/- per roll, it should be light on the purse. We also ordered Chicken Cheese Shawarma, the children liked it. I would not order it for myself though.

We ordered Tandoori Roti, Butter Chicken Masala, Biryani Rice and Ghee Rice as part of the main course. All were delicious and there seem to be no reason to not to order again in our next visit the Savoury Hotel in Kammanahalli main road.



I do not own this restaurant so I cannot assure you the prices to remain same during your visit. This is not a sponsored post. Consider reading full disclaimer.


  • Photographs from smart phone: Samsung Galaxy J7 Nxt


  • Motor Cycle: Royal Enfield RE350
  • Yamaha Ray
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