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Tag: Karnataka

Fire Walkers

Drowpathy Amman Fire Walking Festival 2018

Drowpathy Amman Fire Walking Festival 2018 The Hindu’s celebrate Drowpathy Amman Fire Walking festival every year in the southern part of India and in some countries with the south Indian population. The roots of this festival is traced back to…

Empire since 1966

Dining at Empire Kammanahalli–The Pout Episode

Empire Hotel Kammanahalli – The Pout Episode The Empire restaurant in Kammanahalli is not only a popular restaurant but also a prominent landmark. It is in fact a chain of restaurants with branches spread across several locations. The multi-cuisine restaurant…

Chole Bathure and Lassi

Chole Bathure at Northern Route St Marks Rd

Northern Route, St. Marks Road, Bangalore Though I have been regular to the St Marks road, I never knew that there was this humble restaurant – The Northern Route, a small family friendly restaurant that serves north Indian vegetarian dishes.…

Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani

Pappu Chaiwala ya Biryaniwala

Thanks to the name Pappu and its household popularity for this Pappu Chaiwala restaurant at St Marks Road in Bangalore attracts every passerby. Every eyes that stares down to this building would wish to go there for that Pappu ka…

Food Truck in Bangalore

Food Trucks in Bangalore – 99 Dosa

If you are wondering how to start street food business in Bangalore, trust me, it is one of the easiest business  anyone can venture into. The only criteria is you should be skilled in cooking or you should know somebody…

Pepper Barbeque Chicken

Savoury Hotel Kammanahalli May 2018

The ultimate Arabian Cuisine   Our plan was to have a Pav Bhaji from the “99 Dosa Kart” at the end of Kammanahalli main road that connects to the ring road. The children like it here and believe me that…

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