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The Monkey Show at Lalbagh Bengaluru

The Lalbagh Flower Show 2018, Independence Day edition has started and is going to thrill the visitors until 15th August. The horticulture department has dedicated this season’s flower show to the Indian Army and the Kannada Cinema Industry. I have the link to the flower show photographs at the end of this post.

The flower shows in Lalbagh Botanical Garden is not only about flowers, it is about lot more things together that we do not see in day-to-day life. One has to explore it to feel it.

The Monkey at Lalbagh

Monkey and the Master
Monkey and the Master

We encountered these guys, the monkey and his master, when we were walking near the lake. The usual monkey scenario that I have seen is people running away at the sight of this ancestor. However, it was not the scene here.

Monkey Drinking Water
Monkey Drinking Water

The monkey seemed to be too friendly with his master and obeyed what he commanded to him. People who dared to have the monkey come onto their head or shoulder had to pay money to the master. As the master signaled, the monkey knew what to do next.

Indian Monkey
Monkey on the railings

Anybody who tried to woo the monkey without the consent of his master, he showed them his real angry face. I was quite fascinated with the animal’s loyalty to the person who fed them.

The monkey stood on the railings and when the master commanded, he stepped on the clients head and next to the shoulder. Sometimes it kissed the head and sometimes it tried to search something inside the scalp.

Monkey on shoulder
Monkey kissing the head

Many of us were lucky to see and photograph this act. Employing animals is not legal in India and you may not see these couple when you visit here. You can still enjoy the flower shows

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